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15 Sep 2017:
Today the Rockport Horse Rescue and The 505 Horse Rescue and Retirement Ranch, Inc. merged together. More info soon.

3 Sep 2017:
Today we signed up with the Fleet of Angels to help in any way during disaster.

1 Sep 2017:
Happy to report that Blackjack is gaining some of his weight back.

23 Aug 2017:
Happy to report that Blackjack is starting to get his shine back.

19 Aug 2017:
Reacquired Blackjack from adoptor. He has lost a lot of weight and his coat is very dull.

10 May 2017:
We welcome our three new arrivals. They don't have names yet.They are all three geldings and were turned out into the wild about three years ago. They were easy to catch, put halters on and loaded super great into the trailer. The Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department turned them over to us.

25 October 2016:
Welcome to your new home Patti and Jessica Rae.

24 July 2016:
Welcome to your new home Daisy, One Eyed Jack and Shots Miss Peppy Max.

18 July 2016:
Our Application for 501(c)3 was approved by the IRS

22 June 2016:
Welcome to the world Baby Dream Catcher. Born at 1:34 a.m. this morning.

15 June 2016:
Welcome to your new home New Spirits AKA "Turtle"

11 June 2016:
Rajolu RoyalGypsy "RJ" crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight.

8 April 2016:
Welcome to your new home Spot of Lightning and Toby L.

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Consider sponsoring a horse! A great way to help the horses is by sponsorship. The sponsorship donations are used to purchase feed and farrier services for a month for individual horses. You may sponsor one horse or as many horses as you would like.


Wise Words:

"Sit tall in the saddle, hold yer head up high, keep yer eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky. And live like ya ain't afraid to die, and don't be scared, just enjoy the ride!"

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Updated 23 Sep 2017

The 505 Ranch is an IRS authorized 501(c)3 charity horse rescue ranch located approximately 25 miles north of Sierra Blanca, Texas which is aproximately 100 miles east of El Paso, Texas. We have also merged with the Rockport Horse Rescue in Rockport, Texas which now gives them 501(c)3 status. This also gives Rockport the needed time to focus on rebuilding after the recent Hurricane Harvey damage. The same great people will still be offering their same great services. The only difference will be a name change to 505 Horse Rescue and Retirement Ranch, Rockport Facility.

505 Ranch SignWe are a no-kill, not for profit organization dedicated to providing emergency relief, shelter, care, rehabilitation, and adoption services for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses and other equine. We are dedicated to providing unwanted animals with a safe and nurturing environment while they heal physically, mentally and emotionally from situations of abandonment, neglect and/or abuse. Our adoption process will focus on appropriately matching horses and humans for lifelong, successful partnerships.

Our Mission

Is to save as many victims of the equine world as we possibly can. We provide care for abused, abandoned, neglected, aged and unwanted animals or those animals that can no longer be cared for by their owners for whatever reason. We accept them in any condition and do everything in our power to provide the needed care and facilities. Make a donation through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required.

Our Goals

1. To provide shelter, rehabilitation, care and adoption services for surrendered and legally impounded animals entrusted to our care.
2. To facilitate the surrender of animals referred by Animal Control Officers due to owner neglect or abandonment.
3. To facilitate the surrender of animals by owners who are no longer able to provide adequate care for their animals.
4. To help make the future for these animals better than their past experiences. We want to be a hub of education in humane horse care and training methods, alternative therapies, horse rehabilitation and rescue. Every day young horses in their prime are starved to death, abused or sent to slaughter. It is our goal to prevent this from occurring.
5. To provide homeless and rescued animals with a safe and nurturing environment where each horses' individual needs will be met. All animals will be cared for, and evaluated individually on an ongoing basis, and any gaps in their training will be addressed. Sometimes it may just be fixing their weak spots, and other times we will be starting from scratch. When the time is right and the match perfect, only then will they be adopted into caring homes.
6. To provide all horses that come through our rescue with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to become willing, happy, enthusiastic, and most importantly, safe partners for life.
7. As our rescue grows, we will be expanding our rescue efforts to bring more animals to safety, keeping with our initial purpose of providing the required training needed to insure each horse's success with their adoptive family. We will also seek to purchase property for the continued growth and expansion of The 505 Horse Rescue.

Our Horse Development Plan

The 505 Horse Rescue will only use natural horsemanship to instill, or restore dignity and confidence in our horses. All horses will be evaluated when they first arrive at the rescue and then at regular intervals during their time with us, and while we guide them on their journey to becoming the best partners possible. Their unique characteristics and nature will be evaluated and documented as well as a record of the progress they have made. Each horse will be treated as an individual and they themselves will determine how quickly or slowly their trainig takes place. Our horses will not have to worry about time running out - they will be given the time they need to become confident horses before adoption is even considered. When ready for adoption, great care will be placed on matching horse and human for the most successful partnership. We aim to provide all horses that come through our rescue with the knowledge,skills and confidence needed to become willing, happy, enthusiastic, and most importantly - safe and much loved partners for life.

Our Commitment

Is to rescue as many abused, neglected and unwanted animals as possible. Our horses are part of our family! The 505 Ranch will provide them with what they deserve - TO LIVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE!!

Always Report Abuse & Neglect!
Report horses or other large livestock animals that appear to be abandoned, abused or neglected.
Call 911 for emergencies, or your local Police or Sheriff's Department for non-emergencies.