In October 1991, due to combat related injuries, Charles (the ranch founder) was medically retired from the U.S. Army as an Aviation First Sergeant with over 21 years service. He and his wife have always had a strong love for horses and after his wife passed away, for personal reasons he decided to move. In 2012 he located some land in Texas and purchased the land which is now the 505 Horse Rescue and Retirement Ranch. After purchasing the land he quickly realized a need to rescue horses in the area from being sent to the slaughter house, turned loose in the wild or needlessly killed because the owners couldn't or wouldn't take care of them. He now considers himself as living a dream come true by saving as many horses as he possibly can.

  • Vice President

    Larry Sok

  • Secretary

    Carol Pitts

  • Public Relations Officer, SB

    Phyllis Chilson

  • Chief Security Officer

    Weeko, herself a rescue, was left abandoned by neighbors who moved away and left her chained to a post in an open field with no shade. Charles noticed her, turned her loose, and started feeding her. After a few days she jumped in the truck and has been providing the ranch security since. She was nine months old at the time of her abandonment and for a while had fears of being abandoned again, but now goes everywhere Charles does. She doesn't like for him to get out of her sight. She has also gotten between Charles and rattlesnakes three different times and took the bite to keep him from getting bit. A true hero in my book.

  • CEO, Rockport

    Michelle Hird