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8 December 2013:
Acquired our newest member - Koda

17 November 2013:
Our new phone number working

8 October 2013:
Donations can now be accepted through Paypal and credit cards.

August 2013:
The cell towers were tweaked to help the people in the close proximity of Sierra Blanca have better reception. Unfortunately, the ranch is about 20 miles north of Sierra Blanca and the tweaks killed all of the phone reception out this way.

July 2013:

On 5 July 2013, we drove to the San Antonio area and acquired our first rescue horse - Bob Marley - a Thoroughbred/Quarterhorse gelding that had been used as a jumper. Although Marley injured both front legs while running in the pasture and can no longer be used for jumping purposes and now requires special corrective shoes, he still rides very well, but only at a walk.

On 4 July 2013, we drove to the El Paso area and purchased Grace - an Arabian/Appaloosa mare and Freya - an Arabian/Tovero Paint mare.

2013 Posted by Charles Seay | The 505 Horse Rescue Ranch


The 505 was originally purchased in June of 2012 as a 200 acre ranch. In August of 2012 we purchased an additional 60 acres for a total of 260 acres.

Plans For Expansion

Our current plans are of purchasing more acreage whenever possible to expand our rescue operations.

Updates: Please check back often for other updates of the ranch!

2012 Posted by Charles Seay | The 505 Horse Rescue Ranch